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How does the Neurofeedback praktikum actually work in our online courses? A short experience report

31. July 2021

We are enthusiastic about effective neurofeedback. Therefore, it is also important to us at BEE Medic that all our employees have the chance to participate in one of our basic courses and in this way also experience neurofeedback themselves. In addition to a better understanding of our product, this also serves as quality assurance and continuous improvement of our courses. Today our colleagues Linda and Jessica report about their self-experience at one of our Neurofeedback online basic courses in July 2021.



Hello Linda, hello Jessica. So nice of you to give us an insight into your experience at the Neurofeedback Basic Course today. What do you think about the self-experience in the course?

Linda: The self-experience was totally interesting! I perceived it very differently. Sometimes I felt very relaxed, then again more awake and concentrated.
Jessica: In the beginning we were a bit uncertain and didn't know exactly what to expect. By the end of the course, however, we were able to assess our reactions much better and determine when we had set a training frequency that was too low or too high. 

What surprised you most about the neurofeedback sessions?

Jessica: Although I knew a lot about the process and the effect of neurofeedback before, I was totally surprised how quickly you notice an effect or a change. It only takes a few minutes and even minimal frequency differences have a completely different effect. And that's even though you don't have to actively do anything at first and basically just look at a screen. 
Linda: I also found it very fascinating how differently people react to neurofeedback, which was especially noticeable during the following discussion in the small group. I also didn't expect that even a 10-minute session would be exhausting for the brain. I underestimated that a bit before. I also didn't necessarily think that a short neurofeedback session could have after-effects over several hours and days. I noticed this especially when my tinnitus in my left ear improved significantly.

What did you find particularly good about the feedback sessions?

Jessica: I personally preferred the quiet feedback animations, but there really is something for everyone because of the wide selection. Also, the "game character" of many of the animations increases engagement.
What were you able to notice about yourselves during the self-awareness?

Linda: As I said before, the effects were very different. From relaxation to concentration to laughing bursts and an elevated pulse. At times I also felt a slight tingling sensation and overall I felt that neurofeedback helped me increase my body awareness. 


Are you glad you were able to take the course and self-experience?

Jessica: Yes, I can really recommend it. The course was interesting and I was able to get a completely different insight. Of course, the week was also exhausting, because you got a lot of input and your brain has to get used to the neurofeedback first. But we learned and gained a lot, and the experience was just exciting! 
How did you get along with the online format?

Linda: The online format worked really well and all participants as well as the instructors were able to handle the technology very well.
Jessica: That's right. I also found it convenient that we could just participate in the course from home.
Great, thank you for your time and the insight into the neurofeedback basic course!