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Your EEG Info Europe Neurofeedback Education


Neurofeedback experts who enthusiastically share their knowledge and all their neurofeedback experience. Here they introduce themselves to you.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback aims to improve the brain's ability to regulate itself. But what actually happens in neurofeedback and how does neurofeedback work?

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neurofeedback supervision

Here you will find Neurofeedback experts who offer regular supervision. Make an appointment today and benefit from first-hand clinical support in all questions concerning Neurofeedback.

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Neurofeedback Certification

You are enthusiastic about Neurofeedback? Join our certification program and become a neurofeedback expert! Show your competence and set the foundation for teaching neurofeedback yourself at EEG Info Europe.


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mind matters - the eeg info europe neuofeedback blog

You only understand ILF, SCP, frequency band and electrodes stick ...  Why Neurofeedback at all, why are there different approaches and why are we so enthusiastic especially about neurofeedback according to Othmer? With the EEG Info Europe blog mind matters we give you answers!

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Your Neurofeedback equipment for enthused patients

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Darstellung von EEG-Geräten