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Wissenschaftler beim Betrachten eines Laptops

Study proves: just one session with ILF Neurofeedback results in significant changes in brain connectivity!

For the first time a randomized, controlled study has shown effects of Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback (ILF Neurofeedback for short and also known as the Othmer method), on connectivity and brain activity - and this after only a single session. The study by Dobrushina et al. entitled "Modulation of Intrinsic Brain Connectivity by Implicit Electroencephalographic Neurofeedback" thus makes an important contribution to a better understanding of the mechanisms and processes of ILF Neurofeedback. “This confirms what we see in daily practice and what patients telling us: that ILF Neurofeedback has effects even after only one session,” says Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth, Founder of BEE Medic GmbH.

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Onlinekurse PC Monitor mit Cygnet Neurofeedback-Software

Wie funktioniert das Praktikum im Onlinekurs? Im Video zeigen wir Ihnen, wie es geht!

Kann man Neurofeedback auch online lernen? Kurz und knapp: ja. Sogar sehr gut. Bequem aus der eigenen Praxis oder von zu Hause aus. Planungssicher und mit wenig Aufwand. Und dabei müssen Sie keine Kompromisse eingehen! Bei den Onlinekursen vermitteln wir Ihnen den gleichen Inhalt wie bei Veranstaltungen vor Ort. Und auch das Praktikum kommt dabei nicht zu kurz, sondern ist auch hier ein zentraler Kursbestandteil. Um die Technik kümmern wir uns und zeigen Ihnen im Video wie die Vorbereitung eines Onlinekurses funktioniert.

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Nahaufnahme Person am Laptop während eines Webinars

Neurofeedback training online – 6 reasons for EEG Info Online Courses

The increasing digitalization brings us many advantages in everyday life. However, especially when it comes to e-learning and in particular to professional and medical training, there are often concerns as to whether further education can really work online. 

With our online courses, we have already convinced numerous of our customers. Of course, this is also a question of character, but with the following six reasons for digital learning, we would like to show you the advantages of online courses.

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neurofeedback_case studies

Neurofeedback case studies - Introduction to data collection and scientific work

Find out in our 90-minute webinar how data collection can take place parallel to therapy and what added value and benefit this data has.

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Gehirn Biofeedback

Expert panel: Chances and limits of the QEEG

In many areas of medicine, technical, standardized measuring methods for diagnosis have already become established. Be it blood analysis from the laboratory or X-ray images at the orthopaedic surgeon. However, in the field of mental health, objective measurement data as a basis for decision making is practically not yet available. But why?

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