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Schwarzweiss Aufnahme eines Gesichtes mit blauen Augen

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neurofeedback_case studies

Neurofeedback case studies - Introduction to data collection and scientific work

Find out in our 90-minute webinar how data collection can take place parallel to therapy and what added value and benefit this data has.

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Gehirn Biofeedback

Expert panel: Chances and limits of the QEEG

In many areas of medicine, technical, standardized measuring methods for diagnosis have already become established. Be it blood analysis from the laboratory or X-ray images at the orthopaedic surgeon. However, in the field of mental health, objective measurement data as a basis for decision making is practically not yet available. But why?

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Neurofeedback Animations Overview

Expert panel: Feedback animations

Which animation do I need for my practice? Which feedback variant is used most often and is most effective? If you have asked yourself these and other questions in the past, our new offer from the online expert panel is just right for you!

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EEG Info Protokoll Leitfaden 7. Auflage

Protocol Guide available in 7th edition

The Protocol Guide by Susan F. Othmer has been the indispensable standard work for all those who (want to) work with Neurofeedback according to Othmer. The now current 7th edition contains clinical knowledge about the new extended ILF HD range, revised symptom profiles and the new ILF synchrony training.

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Video Elektroden kleben für Neurofeedback Eigentraining

How to hook up electrodes for Neurofeedback self-training

We all experience weeks of special challenges. Due to initial restrictions and cutbacks in public life, we all experience uncertainties and stressful situations. At the same time, new ideas emerge everywhere and some of us have something that is often neglected in the normal bustle of everyday life: more time! We would like to invite you to use this time for Neurofeedback training.

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