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Study shows: ILF neurofeedback leads to significant improvement in impulse control and attention in children with ADHD

22. March 2021

In the study - which was conducted in cooperation with the Neurofeedback Network and a group of child and adolescent psychiatric practices in Munich - 251 ADHD patients received ILF neurofeedback. Attention testing was carried out before the start and after the end of the therapy. A comparison of the test results shows that attention and impulse control improved significantly, and the patients also reported an improvement in AD(H)S symptoms.

The study is only available in German.

A detailed article on the study was published in May 2020 in "neue AKZENTE" issue no. 115 (ADHS Deutschland e.V.).

Citation: Mackert, J. (2020). Neurofeedback bei AD(H)S – mit ILF-Neurofeedback die Aufmerksamkeit verbessern. neue AKZENTE 115(1), 8-12. PDF Version via Researchgate