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Neurofeedback Basic Course Add-on Online

Course description

In our Neurofeedback Basic Courses with intensive practicum you learn everything you need to know to start directly with Neurofeedback. However, even if everything has worked well under guidance during the course, questions may arise in the first few weeks. Initial questions about working with patients or uncertainties about using the technology are quite normal and should be addressed right from the start. After all, it is important that you "keep going".

In the clinical part of the course, you can share all your questions and first experiences and receive concrete assistance through the exchange with our lecturers and other participants. Notes on technology and an in-depth look at the topic of studies and research complement the course.

The course is ideal if you have gained initial experience with patients. We recommend a participation approximately 3 - 8 weeks after attending a Basic Course. Depending on your individual requirements, you can also register for the course beyond this period.

Essential teaching content

The workshop includes three topic blocks, which are flexibly weighted according to the interests of the participants.

  • Topic block "Clinical issues": Assistance on therapeutic questions with open group discussions and experience exchange
  • Topic block "Neurofeedback technique": Short repetition on settings of the Cygnet® Neurofeedback software and tips for feedback animations
  • Topic block "Research and studies": More information on Neurofeedback studies and presentation of current projects

After the course you can

  • Confidently solve initial clinical and small technical challenges that arise in practice
  • Deepen your knowledge and, among other things, benefit from it in patient communication
  • Systematically start your Neurofeedback self-study


Period of time

04.12.2021 - 04.12.2021
9.00 - 16.00


For Germany and EU:

BEE Medic GmbH
Zeppelinstr. 7
78224 Singen

For Switzerland and Non-EU countries:

BEE Medic GmbH
Husenstrasse 57
9533 Kirchberg

  • Phone: +49 7731 96969-0
  • Phone: +41 71 9314020


  • English


449 EUR / 499 CHF

More Information

Please register by 26.11.2021

Did you miss the registration deadline? Please contact us! We are happy to help you and will find a flexible solution!

Good to know:

You can attend the course directly after completing a basic course and after having  your first own sessions with patients. Feel free to prepare questions and topics you would like to discuss during  the course.

  • Stay flexible! Cancellation or rebooking to another course is possible until we provide you with the course material.
  • You may take this online course on your own. You do not need a partner for practicum.
  • You do not need any neurofeedback equipment for this course

For registration and booking you will be forwarded to the website of BEE Medic GmbH.

register* *By clicking on "register" you will be forwarded directly to the organizer of the course for booking. The organizer is also responsible for course organisation and invoicing.