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Neurofeedback and Autism

Course description

This topic-specific course provides the latest research findings for an in-depth look at autism spectrum disorder and its related symptoms. The instructors will lead discussions on the neurophysiological bases of the disorder, diagnostics, and various therapeutic approaches, while also focusing on the particularities of neurofeedback training and its efficacy with this category of patients.

Case studies and case reports as well as findings from current projects have helped build valuable clinical experience that will be brought to you to facilitate the integration of neurofeedback among the most effective approaches for autism disorder.

Experienced clinicians who have completed the basic neurofeedback course and have gained practical experience with ILF neurofeedback (Othmer Method) are encouraged to participate.

Essential teaching content

  • Brief overview of the ASD and neurophysiological bases
  • Insight into the research of autism and neurofeedback
  • Presentation of current therapeutic interventions
  • Neurofeedback in application to autism - feedback parameters and optimization of neurofeedback protocols using case studies and group discussions
  • Optimal use of Cygnet® neurofeedback software for autism-related clinical presentations
  • Technical and practical aspects related to neurofeedback training

After the course you can

  • Use neurofeedback effectively on patients on the spectrum
  • Easier recognise symptoms of ASD in patients
  • Use specific neurofeedback protocols and individualise them based on patients specific needs to ensure optimal training outcomes
  • Use neurofeedback safely and efficiently and allow better integration and outcomes of other therapeutic interventions
  • Integrate neurofeedback as part of a multimodal therapeutic approach
  • Assess training effects in session and from session to session to allow fine-tuning of individual protocols for best clinical outcomes

Course highlights

  • Learn safely and conveniently from your own practice or from home
  • Deepen your knowledge of the specific ILF neurofeedback protocols and build up your confidence in using this tool in clinical practice
  • 6 reasons for the EEG Info online courses


Period of time

14.10.2022 - 15.10.2022
Friday: 9 am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Time zone: BST, UK


BEE Systems Ltd

Millhouse 32-38 East Street

  • Phone: +44 1702 820006


  • English


750 GBP + VAT / 880 CHF / 790 €

Included in the price

  • Course manual containing all presentations and worksheets as a PDF file for download
  • Certificate of completion

More Information

Please register by October, 05th 2022.
Did you miss the registration deadline? Please contact us! We are happy to help you and will find a flexible solution!

Good to know:

  • With a completed EEG Info Basic Course (onsite or online) and first hands-on Neurofeedback experience, you are well prepared for this course.
  • Stay flexible! Cancellation or rebooking to another course is possible until we provide you with the course material.
  • You may take this online course on your own. You do not need a partner for practicum.

For registration and booking you will be forwarded to the website of BEE Medic GmbH.

register* *By clicking on "register" you will be forwarded directly to the organizer of the course for booking. The organizer is also responsible for course organisation and invoicing.