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Schwarzweiss Aufnahme eines Gesichtes mit blauen Augen

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Health is our greatest asset. We all feel this more than ever - whether ill or not. In order to protect the weak and elderly, we are all called upon to support and hold together the containment strategies of governments throughout Europe against the coronavirus.

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Buchcover: Neurofeedback - Wie eine spielerisch leichte Therapie dem Gehirn hilft, Probleme zu überwinden

Book recommendation - "Neurofeedback. How a playful and easy therapy helps the brain to overcome problems"

Everyone can benefit from neurofeedback, which helps the brain to regulate itself better in a playful way. Above all, it helps to alleviate numerous illnesses such as migraines, sleep and concentration disorders, ADHD, mental disorders and trauma. And all this without having to go into detail about your own past. Meike Wiedemann and Kirsten Segler explain in an easily understandable way how neurofeedback works and how it is applied. Numerous case histories show the many different ways it can be used. An exciting introduction to a promising therapy method, effective and without side effects. Available in German.

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