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Annual Conference for Applied Neurofeedback (ACAN) 2023

Course description

Meet experts from scientific and clinical practice at this two-day conference in Birmingham.

The event will feature inspiring lectures and discussion panels as well as practical Neurofeedback workshops. We will present a comprehensive overview of modern Neurofeedback research and daily clinical practice.

We will offer topic-specific practical workshops to showcase the latest cutting edge Neurofeedback software and technologies and demonstrate how to integrate Biofeedback and Virtual Reality applications with your Neurofeedback practice.

Essential teaching content

Don’t miss the ACAN event – We will cover all aspects of running a successful practice for mental health professionals working with established Neurofeedback approaches such as Frequency band training, Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP) and Infra-Low Frequency (ILF) Neurofeedback. Following renowned international experts will present keynote lectures on how and why Neurofeedback is playing an increasingly important role in the field of trauma therapy: 

  • Sebern F. Fisher, MA (US)
  • Dr. Dawn Harris (UK)
  • PD Dr. rer. nat Meike Wiedemann (Germany)
  • Roxana Sasu (US)
  • Mirjana Askovic (Australia)
  • Dr. med. Michael Fischer (Switzerland)
  • Matthew Fleischman, PhD (US)
  • Gunilla Hamne (Sweden)
  • Veronika Kreitmayr (Germany)
  • Morten Trabjerg Nyborg (Denmark)
  • Gunilla Radu (Sweden)
  • Olga Kara (Finland)
  • Ulf Sandström (Sweden)
  • Dr. Horst Schneider (Germany)

After the course you can

  • Impulses for better practice: Be inspired by leading Neurofeedback experts and peers. Leave with a bundle of knowledge about actionable ideas to achieve even more with Neurofeedback.
  • Discover new opportunities: Get latest insights and expert perspectives from discussions, lectures and workshop sessions. Explore innovations like Virtual Reality Neurofeedback and latest scientific findings on Neurofeedback in trauma and long covid.
  • Expand your global network: The ACAN draws leading Neurofeedback experts and mental health professionals from around the world. Meet face-to-face to connect to collegues, engage in meaningful conversations, join workshops & networking opportunities.

Course highlights

Join us with international experts at an excellent location in the West Midlands, nestled between Birmingham and Coventry at the Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel & Country Club.



Birmingham - Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel & Country Club
Maxstoke Lane, Meriden
CV7 7HR Birmingham
United Kingdom

Period of time

16.06.2023 - 17.06.2023


BEE Medic Ltd UK

Millhouse 32-38 East Street

  • Phone: +44 7484 260307


  • English


999 GBP incl. VAT

Included in the price

All sessions on June 16-17, 2023.

Keynote speakers, small group discussions, access to one Neurofeedback workshop.
Full day catering with breakfast, morning and afternoon break with seasonal offerings, tea, coffee and water on both conference days.

Hot buffet on Friday evening.

The overnight stay in the hotel is not included. However, we have reserved a room contingent at the hotel and kindly ask to book a room individually.

More Information

For more info on ACAN, ticket and hotel booking, please visit the conference website. Simply click on "Register". 

register* *By clicking on "register" you will be forwarded directly to the organizer of the course for booking. The organizer is also responsible for course organisation and invoicing.

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