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Synchrony Training Course


After successfully completing the ILF Introductory Course and working with the technique in clinical practice for a while, you are now ready to learn more about the next steps in the protocol development. During this training course, you will learn all about the Synchrony application in Cygnet and how to use it to enhance clinical outcomes and consolidate training effects. The course includes discussions and hands-on experience with this modality.

Wesentliche Lehrinhalte

Synchrony training: what is it and how is it different from ILF HD or Alpha-Theta training

2 channels Synchrony program: 5 electrodes plus jumper cable setup, indications, training options 

Frequency ranges in Synchrony training: ILF, Alpha, Gamma Synchrony 0.05 Hz Synchrony training, specific indications, placements, when and how to add Synchrony training to the client's training protocol

10 Hz and 40 Hz Synchrony, specific indications, alternate placements, expected outcomes and negative effects

Adjusting Synchrony training for best clinical outcomes

Combining ILF HD and Synchrony training, combining Synchrony training in different frequency ranges

Couple’s synchrony training: setup, indications

Nach dem Kurs können Sie

Successfully implement this modality into your clients' training protocols to further promote calmness and relaxation. 


Zeitraum / Dauer

18.05.2023 - 19.05.2023
Two modules, 3 hours each: 9:00am-12:00pm Pacific Standard Time


21031 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1102
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


  • Telefon: +1818-584-1972


  • Englisch
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