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Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback & Synchrony Training Online


Alpha-Theta and Synchrony Training are, along with ILF-HD Neurofeedback, important components of Neurofeedback according to Othmer. Alpha-Theta and Synchrony Training can be important therapy components especially for post-traumatic stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders, but also in peak performance therapy.

The course teaches theoretical and practical basics of these methods. In addition to classical and historical training protocols, the focus will be on the latest developments and the opportunities they offer. In the practical part of the course you can get to know the different variants of the training yourself. The personal training protocols, training effects and the further procedure will be discussed in small groups.

Prerequisite for participation is an EEG Info Neurofeedback Basic Course. Self-experience is possible if there are no contraindications and participants have used ILF Neurofeedback in at least 15 sessions on themselves.

Wesentliche Lehrinhalte

  • Basics of derivations and measurement
  • Fields of application Requirements and contraindications
  • Maximum use of the feedback options History and theoretical background of Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback
  • 2-channel training options
  • Usage of guided imagination in Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback
  • Theoretical background of Synchrony Training Frequencies and their corresponding electrode placements
  • Frequencies and their corresponding electrode placements

Nach dem Kurs können Sie

  • Include Alpha-Theta and Synchrony Training in your repertoire of Neurofeedback methods and use them directly after the course
  • Select treatment protocols even more specifically to help your clients even more individually and effectively
  • Expand your treatment spectrum


  • Perfect follow-up course after an EEG Info (online) Basic Course
  • Planning reliability and convenient learning from your own practice or from home
  • High proportion of practicum
  • Intensive mentoring by experienced lecturers throughout the course
  • 6 reasons for the EEG Info online courses


Zeitraum / Dauer

10.11.2023 - 11.11.2023
First day: 09.00 - 18.00
Second day: 09.00 - 17.00


Für die EU:

BEE Medic GmbH
Max-Porzig-Str. 1, 78224 Singen, Deutschland

Für CH, UK und andere Nicht-EU-Länder:

BEE Medic GmbH, Schweiz
BEE Systems Ltd. Vereinigtes Königreich

  • courses@beemedic.com
  • Telefon: +49 7731 96969-0
  • Telefon: +41 71 9314020
  • Telefon: +44 1702 8200 06


  • Englisch


880 GPB / 980 CHF / 870 EUR

Im Preis enthalten

  • Course manual of all presentations and worksheets as PDF file for download
  • Certificate

Weitere Hinweise

Please register by 01.11.2023

Did you miss the registration deadline? Please contact us! We are happy to help you and will find a flexible solution!

Good to know:

You are perfectly prepared for this courses and can participate:

  • By completing the EEG Info Basic Course – onsite or online
  • With 15 sessions of self-experience using ILF Neurofeedback
  • And if you already have the Neurofeedback equipment from BEE Medic.

Further information:

  • Self-awareness during the course is possible if there are no contraindications. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Stay flexible! Cancellation or rebooking to another course is possible until we provide you with the course material.
  • You may take this online course on your own. You do not need a partner for practicum.

For registration and booking you will be forwarded to the website of BEE Medic.

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